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Geographic Information Systems and Science.

Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Sciences

The Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Sciences is designed to help students pursue careers in the rapidly expanding opportunities in the geographic and mapping sciences. The certificate requires 15 credit hours (five courses). Students take six credits of required core courses, and then nine credits from a list of electives.

Required Courses
  • GGS 553 - Geographic Information Systems or CEIE 510 - Geographic Information Systems in Engineering
  • GGS 563 - Advanced Geographic Information Systems or GGS 671 - Algorithms and Modelling in GIS

  • Elective Courses
    GGS 505 - Transportation Geography
    GGS 531 - Land-Use Modeling Techniques and Applications
    GGS 551 - Thematic Cartography
    GGS 560 - Quantitative Methods
    GGS 579 - Remote Sensing
    GGS 605 - Socioeconomic Applications of GIS
    GGS 631 - Spatial Agent-Based Models of Human-Environment Interactions
    GGS 650 - Introduction to GIS Algorithms and Programming
    GGS 653 - Geographic Information Analysis
    GGS 655 - Map Design
    GGS 658 - Terrain Mapping
    GGS 660 - Automated Cartography
    GGS 661 - Map Projections and Coordinate Systems
    GGS 664 - Spatial Data Structures
    GGS 681 - Environmental Applications of Integrated Geographic Information Technologies
    GGS 690 - Advanced Practicum in Geographical Applications
    GGS 772 - Distributed Geographic Information Systems
    GGS 773 - Interoperability of Geographic Information Systems
    GGS 787 - Scientific Data Mining for Geoinformatics
    GGS 773 - Interoperability of Geographic Information Systems
    CEIE 685 - Civil Engineering Information Management
    INFS 614 - Database Management
    INFS 755 - Data Mining

    Graduate courses are generally held one evening per week from either 4:30 to 7:10pm or 7:20 to 10:00 p.m. Students can obtain the certifficate as a secondary degree program while completing another graduate degree program at GMU.

    Please see the GMU Catalog Entry for the Certificate in Geographic Information Sciences for other program details. Students admitted in previous years may have different degree requirements, listed in the archived catalogs.

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