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Spatial Analysis. GeoSpatial Intelligence. Remote Sensing.
Geographic Information Systems and Science.

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The Department of Geography and GeoInformation Science at George Mason University is the premier department in this field in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, and one of the leading departments in the nation and the world. This department provides the highest level Geographic and Spatial Analytic education in an environment where active applied research is ongoing. The department offers Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degrees as well as several Graduate Certificates. We have a large, growing, and diverse student body. Many of our Master's students are professionals from Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies, private corporations and consultantcies, the military, and environmental groups. Our faculty is engaged in ongoing research in a wide range of topics in Geography and GeoInformation Science, and many students have opportunities to become directly involved in those research efforts. We welcome your participation in our activities.

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The GGS Department is pleased to announce two new certificate programs.

Undergraduate Certificate in GeoManagement (Online)
Graduate Certificate in Environmental GIS and Biodiversity Conservation

Our Geospatial Intelligence Graduate Certificate and our Master of Science in Geoinformatics and Geospatial Intelligence were recently re-accredited by the US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation for another 5 years.

Our Geospatial Intelligence Graduate Certificate will be available as a Fully Online Program as of Spring 2015! See the Mason Online Education website for details

Our Geography Minor will be available as a Fully Online Program as of Summer 2014! See the Mason Online Education website for details.


Message from the Chair

Welcome to our website. Located in the heart of Fairfax, just a few miles from Washington DC, our Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science offers an outstanding environment to study and perform cutting-edge research in remote sensing, geography, geoinformatics, earth systems science, and their various sub-disciplines. With a variety of educational offerings, ranging from undergraduate to M.S. and Ph.D. programs, a strong and broad research agenda, and superb name recognition within the leading agencies and companies in our field, our Department is a premier choice for academic education.

This website provides you access to the latest information about our academic programs and courses, our faculty, staff, and students, the research centers and labs affiliated with our Department, and career opportunities in our field. With geospatial information becoming ubiquitous and part of everyday activities, ranging from GPS-enabled navigation and new satellite technology, to open source information and social media, career opportunities in geography and geoinformation science and related fields are thriving and forecast to further grow.

We invite you to be part of our exciting and growing academic community as you pursue academic opportunities to become a future leader in our field.


Anthony Stefanidis

Professor and Chair

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Since it was founded in 1972, George Mason University has grown into a major educational force and earned a reputation as an innovative, entrepreneurial institution. Just minutes from Washington, D.C., George Mason has a growing and diverse student body and an exceptional faculty of enterprising scholars. At the center of the world's political, information, and communications networks, George Mason is the university needed by a region and a world driven by new social, economic, and technological realities.

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